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Support one of the projects to help Ukraine

Доставка гуманітарної допомоги


The first project we organized was the evacuation of civilians from places those were once the capital or someone else's home, and now we call them HOT SPOTS. Our buses and trucks, which are filled with humanitarian aid, go to every hot spot, to every city where there were already Russian missiles, for the military, medics and people who remain bravely defending their city and the whole Ukraine. The buses return with children, women and families who do not have the opportunity to fight. There are also wounded people and people with chronic diseases.

Our partners and volunteers in Europe, the USA and Canada, help to collect all the necessary help, which we transport from the European border to Lviv, where there are three warehouses. More than 200 volunteers work in the warehouses, packing the donated aid and loading it into buses and trucks, then it is sent to the cities where the combat operations are taking place.

We have drivers, we have buses, we have warehouses, we have partners who provide material assistance: medicines, clothes, food, hygiene products, and so on. But we do not have enough money for fuel for cars those deliver aid and evacuate civilians.

SUPPORT this project, help us to evacuate and save more people from the Russian occupiers, and deliver medicine to those who stay to defend Ukraine, to defend Europe!

Реабілітація воєнних


The most precious thing can be taken away by a 10 dollar bullet - a life or injure a child, a soldier or just an innocent person.

For 5 years we have been providing physical therapy services to Ukrainian citizens, due to the Russian aggression and the war in our country, we are preparing physical therapy programs that will be available to our citizens but to make physical therapy more effective we need special equipment. We cannot afford it, so we ask for the help those who care and those who can make this contribution to the physical rehabilitation of our Armed Forces and our Ukraine.

The funds raised will be used to create conditions for physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Today we have a network of three institutions that provides services to more than 30 professionals and we already helped everyone who needs physical therapy services. In addition, we have united more than 1,000 specialists together who work in the sphere of physical rehabilitation, who are in different cities of our country and are ready to join the assistance.

Due to the heavy workload on public hospitals, patients do not receive physical therapy assistance, so we, as a private physical therapy center, are ready to use our skills to provide the necessary services to our defenders and Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression.

SUPPORT this project so that the wounded or injured children, soldiers and innocent people in this war can receive comprehensive physical rehabilitation assistance and return to their everyday lives!

Психотерапія для воєнних


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have proven their resilience, courage and steadfastness! Every day, the boys and girls who are at the front lines of war go through the most difficult events on our planet, they have forgotten what peace is, what is a morning ritual with a cup of coffee or falling asleep with family under TV series or browsing social networks. They see what really changes people, changes destiny and priorities in life, they fight for peace, for truth, for freedom and when the enemy is destroyed we want our Soldiers to return to the life they fought for, to sleep peacefully too , as we did when they fought.

PSYCHOTHERAPY will help to heal wounds that are not visible from the outside, but they certainly are!

SUPPORT this project so that our soldiers get the help they deserve and return to the life they defended and fought for!

Гуманітарна допомога


Our organization is located in Lviv, from the beginning of the full-scale war until March 11, 2022, more than 200,000 people from cities which were ruthlessly bombing and destroying Russian troops, moved to our city.

Imagine your condition when you lost all the property that you and your family have accumulated during your life ... We feel it because we see it happening to our family and neighbors with people who, until recently, lived in their homes, ate food that they chose and bought by themselves, planned their lives, raised their children, built their careers, but Russia took it away and destroyed it.

We help by cooking food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have organized three large warehouses where the aid from other cities is brought, not only from Ukraine, but also from all over Europe and the United States. We are doing this to restore a normal life of everyone who has suffered from Russian aggression.

Support this area of charity so that even more people have the opportunity to eat well, have the suitable clothes and hygiene products.

Do you want to help Ukraine?

Your ideas can save lives, let's implement them!