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Physical therapy for soldiers, children and all victims of the war with Russia


Headliner of the project PTC Zarpa

For 5 years we have been providing physical therapy services to Ukrainian citizens, due to the Russian aggression and the war in our country, we are preparing physical therapy programs that will be available to our citizens but to make physical therapy more effective we need special equipment. We cannot afford it, so we ask for the help those who care and those who can make this contribution to the physical rehabilitation of our Armed Forces and our Ukraine.

На що збираємо:

Реабілітація для воєнних

Equipment for physical therapy

Complex wounds require complex equipment to recover, move, walk and lead a normal life.

Our Soldiers stood for us to sleep peacefully in Ukraine and Europe, and some of them sacrificed their lives, and some of their health, covering our peace.

Recovery requires special equipment to restore gait, to restore movement, to adapt, if the Soldier under cover lost a limb and received a prosthesis, our task is to help learn to use your body given the injuries that exist.

Фізична терапія для солдат

Payment for services

Since the beginning of the war, our business, like all others, has suffered significant losses, we have not given up, each of us helped where he could, now our help is needed where we have the skills, namely in physical therapy. Therefore, part of the funds will be used to pay for physical therapists and other involved health professionals.

Фізична терапія для солдат

An application for finding physical therapists and psychotherapists

In fact, the app allows you to find much more. Our goal in this project is to preserve the work of health professionals, so we have developed an application where a physical therapist, psychotherapist, or other health professional can register. In addition to specialists, entrepreneurs can register their hospital. Each user of the application can quickly find a physical therapist or other doctor in their place, for free.


  • Is it possible to donate equipment for physical therapy?

    Yes, we are ready to accept equipment for physical therapy, to clarify what equipment is needed now, contact us.

  • Is it possible to receive a physical therapy service free of charge for victims of the war with the Russian Federation?

    This is possible if a Soldier or anyone who has suffered from the war with Russia can receive a service through charity.

  • In what location can you get physical therapy services?

    To receive a comprehensive physical therapy, we have prepared our PTC Zarpa, which is located in Lviv, st. Sykhivska 16a.

  • Is it possible to get a service with a specialist going home?

    Yes, you can. We understand that many people do not have the ability to move due to physical limitations and for them, the ideal option would be to call a specialist at home, so our specialists within the city of Lviv can provide services with a visit to the client / patient.

  • Is it possible to call a specialist at home in other cities?

    To do this, we have developed an application that registers physical therapists and clients who need physical therapy services. In the app you can find all registered physical therapists, except therapists, you can find in the app other specialists and even medical centers in your city.

  • What are the ways to donate?

    We have developed two ways to donate: 1 - You can choose any amount you want and transfer it to our account 2 - you can subscribe for $ 10, $ 15, $ 20 and this amount will be deducted once a month. You can unsubscribe at any time.


  • Система для відновлення ходьби

    SciFit® Treadmill

    PRICE 1 piece


  • МОТОМЕД Для відновлення рухів рук

    To restore the movements of the hands and feet Monark

    PRICE 1 piece


  • Illustration

    SciFit® PRO2 full body exercise machine

    PRICE 1 piece


  • Illustration

    SciFit® Total Body Lecumbent Elliptical

    PRICE 1 piece


  • Illustration

    Basic EasyStand 
    Evolv ™

    PRICE 1 piece


  • Illustration


    PRICE 1 piece


  • Illustration

    Massage table model 289-B, BLACK with hydraulic height adjustment

    PRICE 1 piece


  • Illustration

    Redcord Workstation Professional

    PRICE 1 piece



  • Monthly application support

    Per month


  • IT support

    Per month


  • Marketing

    Per month


FAQ on the application

  • What are the costs of marketing?

    We have developed an application, and now it should be told to clients who will be looking for physical therapists or other medical staff, as well as to specialists who can register there. The main costs are digital advertising and advertising in hospitals.

  • What is the value of the application?

    This app is similar to UBER only instead of a taxi you can find a specialist who will come to your home.

  • What is included in IT support?

    Like any other product, the application needs constant improvement, which can be provided by an IT specialist.

  • What does monthly app support mean?

    The more users sign up on the app platform, the more repositories we need to store data such as avatars or company logos that host their healthcare facilities on the platform. A repository is a server like Dropbox or Google drive, only this repository contains data that is downloaded by customers or professionals.