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Keep fighting – you are sure to win!

On the first day of the war, we left all our affairs, changed all our goals to one - to defeat the enemy who attacked our country, who attacked civilians, killed children, women and men, destroyed millions of destinies, destroyed what we Ukrainians built and developed what we love, that is our Ukraine!

Yesterday, some of us were great specialists, some had a business and some just worked in a company and built a career, but after the first shot, after the first step of the enemy on our land, we combined all our skills, resources and contacts to fight against the enemy. We differ from our enemy in consciousness and understanding of the consequences of this war, so our organization is called the NGO "Principle of Consciousness", awareness, the same as liberty, is not familiar to some people, some nations, but our Ukrainian nation has awareness of liberty, which we use to restore what the enemy is trying to destroy.

Love your Ukraine. Love her… In times of anger. At the last difficult moment, pray to the Lord for her.

Taras Shevchenko

Everything will be restored!

The enemy's plans in the first days of the war were to capture Ukraine in three days, but, as everyone knows, this plan failed. In desperation from the failed plan, the Russian leadership moved on to the next shameful plan and commanded to destroy homes and kill civilians. As a result of this diabolical plan, many people have suffered!

Someone spent weeks in the basement, without communication, without food, without things for a normal life!
Some came under fire and some died, and some received injuries that will always remind of the war, that wanted to kill them and their relatives!
And someone became the one who covered the civilian population, because that was his job and his wounds will remind not only of the war, but also of the heroic deed that saved someone's life!

Everyone who has suffered physical or psychological trauma from the war with Russia must get help, restore their physical and psychological state.

The war will be over! We will win! We will rebuild the city! We will recover from injuries! We will live!

How do we accomplish the mission?

How do we fight?

Our enemy can understand only the power that our Armed Forces of Ukraine demonstrates every day from the moment the enemy came to our country. To help our Soldiers, we deliver weapons, military ammunition, medicine, and other items that help to destroy the enemy.

How do we help Ukrainians who have lost their homes?

We send cars and buses to deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate civilians. Our organization is located in Lviv and since the beginning of the war more than 200,000 people have moved to our city, we take care of them, cooking breakfasts, lunches and dinners, helping with food, clothes and hygiene products.

How do we help with physical injuries?

We provide physical therapy services to wounded soldiers, children and just innocent civilians, for this we have united physical therapists of Ukraine, now we are developing an application where you can find a physical therapist near your home. It is important to start recovering from injuries as soon as possible to get the best results.

How do we help with psychological trauma?

Our people are called steel because we stand against the enemy, against his tanks, submachine guns with only one weapon - this is the courage that is inherent in us, not them, but no matter how brave our people are our Soldiers, we all need to heal wounds, psychological wounds, wounds from the loss of their loved ones, their pets, their home. To restore the psychological state of our Soldiers, our Ukrainian people, we have united psychotherapists, made an application where you can find a psychotherapist who takes you around, who helps adults, children, online or offline.